Top 3 Techniques On How To Clean Out Headphone Jack With Household Items

by silverdog407
headphone jack

I don’t know about everyone else but I personally have this habit of just stuffing my phone into my pockets or just chucking it into my bag without much thought to it.

It would only be much later on when I realize that the device isn’t charging correctly or the audio output from my headphones is rather dull. A closer inspection would then yield ports and a jack with a good amount of gunk or lint in it.

Not only does this diminish its function, it also creates a breeding ground for germs which in turn could cause allergies at the very least. Proper care and maintenance of the accessory is therefore essential. That said, knowing how to clean out headphone jack properly is a task that can easily be accomplished if you follow our simple methods.

#1 Compressed Air Method

One of the most straightforward methods of cleaning jacks and ports is to blow out any dirt. Local hardwares, electronic and computer stores often carry a selection of compressed air. Popularly used for removing debris in many hard to reach components. Unlike other types of cleaning implements, compressed air is least likely to cause any damage since no tools will be inserted into device’s hole other than the air blown out of the can.

To clean out any headphone jack or port, begin by holding the device at an angle that allows any dirt to slide out, next aim the nozzle of the compressed air into the jack. Nozzle attachments often accompany the can of thin air, this straw like addition allows users to aim air directly into any small opening. Press the button onto of each canister, for best results manufacturers recommend short bursts rather than a continuous press.


#2 Q-tip Cleaning Technique

Cotton swabs or q-tips are an everyday household item that works incredibly well at cleaning up jacks. Simply take a clean, dry swab. It is important not to force the entire bud into the port, instead, with clean hands squeeze and pinch the cotton to make the tip form a slender point that would easily fit into the hole. Another option is to use q-tips designed for eye makeup since it already has that conical tip that would be perfect for cleaning out the dirt found in jacks. In order to keep from pushing in dirt, mobile owners are advised to use more than one q-tip. Avoid introducing moisture into the sockets by using swabs dipped in alcohol or similar electronic cleaning solutions.


#3 Paperclip Tactic

This no fuss hack involves a paperclip and some tape. Begin by straightening out a paperclip. While it might be tempting to just start scraping at the debris, there is a possibility of causing damage to the jack from the exposed metal of the clip. It therefore only makes sense for you to cover it up with tape first.

The tape not only keeps the metal from scraping the inner components of the jack, the sticky part also catches lint, dirt and grime that it comes into contact with. As long as the sharp end is covered properly, you may also use a toothpick or needle in place of a paperclip. This particular method needs to be executed it utmost caution since it can easily result to some damage.

A clean headphone jack can make a world of difference especially when you enjoy listening to music or watching flicks on your device. While my methods may seem pretty basic they have kept my accessories working in tip top shape. If you value your headphones like I do, cleaning them regularly allows you to enjoy quality audio output while at the same time prolongs their lifespan.

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