5 Ultimate Tips for Buying a TV Set


These days a good percentage of homeowners own at least one television set. Now a standard appliance along with the stove top and fridge, TVs come in various shapes, sizes and features.

Tech innovations have brought us the Smart TV and with manufacturers continuously producing new models each season, I find it a bit challenging what to buy and not to mention figuring things out like how big is a 24 inch TV, really?

Considering several factors such as room size, budget, and personal viewing needs, here are a few other tips to have in your back pocket if you are thinking of upgrading to a new set like I have.

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#1 Space and Size Consideration

Bigger is not always better. Sure, no one has ever really complained about having such a large screen to enjoy shows on, but how big do you really want to go? When I was looking at TV sets I was sorely tempted to just get the biggest one in the store but I had to stop and think about the space the TV was going into. The model I was looking at was meant to go into the spare guest bedroom and since it wasn’t the largest space with the bed and the wardrobe taking up a lot of the room already, I found that opting for a set that was proportionate to the room was a better choice. Measure your space and the TV you are eyeing to see if you are making the right decision.


#2 Ultra HD Matters

Streaming platforms are now offering the best quality shows and films. To enjoy them, not only is it important to get a good sized TV essential, it also pays to pick one that offers the best picture quality. Right now the hottest one in the market is a 4K Ultra HD that gives the clearest and crispest images. It’s almost like you’re standing right next to Chris Hemsworth! Compare


#3 Think About the TV Depth

Just about every manufacturer is churning out slim models. There are still many that have sets with a “bump” on the back. Hands down the biggest benefit of a streamlined LED or OLED TV is how it allows for a tighter fit and a flush to the wall appearance making your TV set part of the wall art. If you are mounting on the bracket that swivels, expect it to make the television a bit chunkier. If you are pressed for space and will be mounting near foot traffic, you may want to find the slimmest options in the market to reduce the odds of people accidentally bumping into it.


#4 Viewing Angles

I used to find portraits that follow you wherever you stand a bit creepy. It was only after looking at so many TV models in the store that I learned to appreciate it. Why? There are some sets that sadly have viewing angle problems. Unlike the Mona Lisa, you have to sit directly in front to get the best view. It is important when buying a set to check it from all angles to see if there are any distortion or angle issues.


#5 Go for a Smart TV

Granted that Smart TVs and devices are a little bit pricier than their basic counterparts but there are so many ingenious uses to a Smart system nowadays. By switching to a Smart TV I’ve been able to stream my favorite shows, display some photos which I can then use as a virtual photo album. I’ve also managed to check on my mail, video call, and update social media just by switching on my television.

These factors are considerably simple but have been very useful when I found myself unable to decide what to get. At the end of the day you will be the one who has to live with the TV choice you made so don’t let the salesperson make the selection for you.

Easiest 4 Step Earbud Cleaning Hack


If you’ve got a mobile phone or a music device, chances are you also own a pair of earphones. Other than the freebies that come with your gadget, there are of course a large selection of brands that cater to audiophiles. You have over the ear headphones, in-ear models, wired, and of course wireless Bluetooth pairs that’s all the rage right now. Anyone who has ever had to buy headphones knows that they do not come cheap so it is only right to take proper care of them and with it, your ear health.

Interestingly enough, not a lot of earphone owners make an effort to clean this accessory regularly. Which I think is pretty gross! If you don’t agree with me, why not take out your earphones and examine them closely.

I’ve noticed that mine often get an accumulation of grease, dust, and possibly earwax trapped on the wire mesh and on the other tiny crevices of this accessory. And I happen to think of myself as a clean person.

I shower and change out of my clothes after a workout because I’d be sweaty and dirty. But I’ve realized that I have not done the same with my headphones after a rigorous run, or a long commute from work. I’ve lost track of the number of times I simply chuck them into my bag or push them into my pockets where they are likely mixing around with dirt and grime.

That said, cleaning earphones isn’t difficult, although there are kits being sold out there, a few everyday items that can be found around the house will do the trick just fine.

What You’ll Need:

  • clean piece of cloth
  • q-tip or cotton swab
  • hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol
  • soft-bristled toothbrush
  • water
  • dish soap


how to clean ear buds

Step 1

Start by gently dry brushing any visible dirt and grime from your earphones especially in areas that are in direct contact with your ear, particularly the part that gets inserted into it. Using a soft toothbrush, gently loosen up any dust or buildup, by opting for a brush with softer bristles you reduce the possibility of scratching or damaging any components. Make sure that you are holding the earbuds with the mesh part facing down to allow debris to fall off rather than breaking down into smaller pieces and getting the gunk stuck even more.


Step 2

Next take a q-tip or cotton swab that is dipped in rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer. Do not soak too much, just enough to dampen the cotton. Wipe down the areas you have brushed previously. This swabbing step ensures you get out any other wax or dirt left behind. It also further sanitizes your earbuds thus reducing the risk of ear infections. Once there are no more traces of dirt, get a clean and dry q-tip to wipe off any excess alcohol.


Step 3

Dip a small portion of a piece of cloth in soapy water or some alcohol. Proceed by cleaning the other components of your earphones. The outer shell and the wires get dirty too. When sanitizing non wireless earphones, do not neglect to clean the jack. Any build up in this area can result in poor connection and sound transfer quality.

Use a clean soft cloth to give your earbuds final wipe down. Wireless earbuds often come with its own case — I like to wipe that down to since it gets a fair amount of dirt transfer. Plus, I like to keep it looking good as new.


Step 4

Leave your earphones to dry properly before using them. Do this thorough cleaning method at least twice a month.

As a final piece of advice, it is also a good practice to keep the earphones clean by sanitizing it with alcohol based wipes after every use. This simple trick has kept my earbuds from accumulating too much dirt.