Theo, violin

“MYRO has given me a supportive and strong community that shares my passion and enthusiasm for technical, dynamic, and energetic music. Being part of this orchestra has helped me grow as a performer and as a person by embracing my strengths and weaknesses; both musically and mentally. I would not be the musician that I am today without MYRO and the support from the artists and audiences that we have collaborated with.”.

Annie, Cello 

“Maine Youth Rock Orchestra has proven to me that classical music isn't the only option for orchestral musicians. I can say with conviction that I wouldn't be who I am today if I hadn't joined MYRO. MYRO has definitely boosted my onstage and offstage confidence. MYRO has helped shaped my identity, musically and personally. MYRO has shown me that performing live onstage is something that gives me an incredible rush and is something that I might want to pursue later in life.”

Adriel, violin

“Maine Youth Rock Orchestra really made me practice a lot which made me a much better player. I didn't really know what I was getting into when I joined but it has been an amazing experience and playing with the The Ballroom Thieves was exhilarating. It's so cool that we can go on tour and play in front of so many people.”

Elsa, violin

“MYRO has done things for me emotionally and musically. It has been the first orchestra I've really enjoyed, I've always preferred playing middle eastern music, and rock pop. This orchestra has allowed me to grow, even though I've only been in it for a couple months, I've learned new techniques and more about my person style of playing. Musically MYRO is a place where I can learn, grow and enjoy myself the entire time. Emotionally, I've become much more confident in my playing. There are so many talented people in the orchestra and by playing with them I've gained a lot of confidence in many aspects of my playing.”